Making mistakes is okay.

Sometimes we do stupid shit. Or say things that unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Or do something that you later realise was wrong. 

That is okay!

No one, no matter how perfect they make themself seem, has gone through life mistake free. I make a lot of mistakes which I later regret and have previously beaten myself down about them. But, I’m growing past that and I’ve learnt that it’s okay. Sure, it sucks, but it’s a process that we all learn from. The thought process of recognising when you have made a mistake is a sign that you have grown as a person because you can decipher that it wasn’t the right thing to do. 

I guess I’m writing about this because I’ve been making a hell of a lot of mistakes recently. One of these includes pushing the people that I’m close to away out of fear that they’ll grow to hate me. It’s something that I’ve done for years but I’ve only just come to realise that it’s wrong. But I’m not going to dwell on it! I’ve grown past that and without moving on from these things I will never be able to grow.

No matter how many stupid mistakes you make, never think any less of yourself. No one deserves to lay in bed worrying and self deprecating. Nothing you could ever do would please absolutely everyone so there is no point whittling about the past. It’s done and you can’t change it. What you can do though is work on improving yourself as a person. Treat people the way you want to be treated and  learn from the things you came to regret.

This blog post is kinda disorientated but this topic has been spiralling my mind for a long time now. Stay positive and pick yourself up when you fall.