Why kindness and love is important.

I’m going to start off this post by saying that I mess up. A lot. I say things that I come to regret, I spend every conscious hour worrying about whether people like me or not and sometimes the decisions I make are shitty ones at best.

But, I am kind.

Kindness is an underrated trait nowadays (Yes, I know I sound old before my time) and there’s a massive pressure to be some sort of cocky badass who takes shit from no one. But, I can assure you that being a decent human being will get you further in life. I can also promise you that the lady from your local corner shop most definitely appreciates it when you tell her to ‘have a nice day’ after buying your polo mints.

Its something that not everyone thinks about and it doesn’t seem like a priority anymore. We do what is expected of us every day and forget that being nice should come naturally! It should be something built within us and it sucks that’s that not the case with a lot of people anymore.

However, I’m not saying you have to be kind all the time. When you’re angry its hard to look at the bigger picture and not want to bash your head against the wall. What I am saying is be nice for the sake of being nice! I love it when people hold doors open for me or make casual conversation with me at the bus stop. It’s a nice feeling. It makes you feel appreciated and believe that the world isn’t all doom and gloom.

So many people get so caught up with jobs and money and tabloids and a whole host of other crap that they think that being a dick is the best way to release their frustration. That’s not okay! You actually find that being nice makes you feel just as good, if not better! The world can already be an unkind place as it is and by being an unpleasant person, you’re just adding to it. Like I said before, I’m not the best person in the world. I lash out at people and scream and cry but in the end, I just end up with a headache. I feel so much more positive after I tell my mom I love her after an argument. I feel like I’m actually helping when I make my best friend a cup of tea when he’s sad. I get a weird buzz when I think I’ve made someone else happy. Much more than I would if I snarled at someone in the street for bumping into me.

This kinda links to bullying. People make fun of the term ‘bullying’ but it honestly baffles me that the act of being continuously mean to someone is so common. It makes me fear for society as people forget that they’re actually having a serious negative effect on someone.

Being a good person isn’t difficult. Random acts of kindness don’t take much time out of your day yet they could make someone else’s (potentially bad) day brighter!

This post is short and seems awfully Disney Channel but please please plEEEEAAASSSSEEE go show someone that you appreciate them today. Write someone a paragraph telling them that you think their hair is cool. Give your significant other a hug. Be the person that you would want to hang out with.


Thank you for reading, and in the words of Ellen DeGeneres, be kind to one another.


Meg xxx




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